• Marine
  • Underwater Intakes
  • Hull Cleaning
  • In-Water Hull Cleaning
  • Barnacles
  • Pools

Coulson Ice Blast makes quick work of barnacles, muscles, seaweed and other types of marine growth.  If left to their own devices, these uninvited travelers significantly increase drag and fuel cost, as well as covering sensors and blocking pipes.

Underwater cleaning is normally done by divers equipped with scrapers.  This is slow, labour intensive and the scrapers only really work on smooth, flat surfaces.  Trying to clean out small nooks or pipes is next to impossible, even though these are among the first and most important areas to become overgrown.


With different lengths of nozzles, it’s easy to reach into tight areas and blast off marine growth that has sprouted there. Best of all, since ice is just a different form of water, the media has no adverse effects on the environment.


Ice blasting can also be used to remove marine growth or antifouling paint when the vessel is taken onto land.  Ice is gentle enough to remove the paint or growth without damaging the Fiberglass or aluminum hull.

Watch the Water Element Application Video